Hitting a wall in your business

Yesterday, I posted on my FB business page about the challenges of having enough time to grow your business.  ( Today I want to talk about another really common obstacle - sustaining...

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Realistic Risk Assessment

This is the 4th in a series of blogs on how to design plans, where the plan itself helps you succeed.  The first blog outlines what makes a plan a good plan, rather than just any old plan.  Then there are more detailed blogs on each of the 5 key components of a good...

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Milestones for Momentum

Continuing the series of blogs on how to ensure you create a plan you will actually see through to successful completion, this blog is about the importance of Milestones - and how you can use milestones for momentum in all of your plans to increase your chances of...

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Buyer’s Remorse or Happy Customers?

How is it that the same sales process can result in Buyer's Remorse in one customer and happy customers who are completely satisfied the rest of the time??  And what can we do to stack the odds in favour of happy, satisfied customers? Although we are always striving...

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A plan v A Good Plan!

More and more people are realising the importance of having a plan, if you want to achieve something important.  This is really fantastic to see. However, not all plans are created equal.  There is a whole world of difference between a plan and a good plan and this...

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My First Product

I thought it was fitting to make my first blog about how I started working with products.  Every journey starts somewhere and if you found your way to The Product Academy because you are at the start of your own product adventure, it might help you to know where mine...

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