The Product Academy is designed to support product businesses because, selling products is very different to selling services. Stock, supplies and suppliers, materials, tools, storage, shipping, quality control, actually designing and then creating – everything behind the scenes needs to be working well before you even get to the marketing and selling.

All of the programmes and packages available are designed to make it easy for product-based businesses, to access information, skills and experience that you may not yet have in your team yet.

The Product Academy is a collection of premium programmes, for businesses ready to get serious about their products and start playing on a bigger scale.

Louise Scanlon – Owner and Director of

the product academy

I love performance improvement and helping you and your team to fulfil your potential – and I believe the best answers to almost any problem will come from the brains of the people already doing the job.

I see my purpose as helping you unlock those answers, through the unique set of skills and experience I have gained from two decades of delivering results in the corporate sector.

The thread running through my career has always been performance improvemnt, across a background that includes strategic development, operational excellence training, product management and quality assurance, B2B marketing, programme management and people development.

Along the way, I’ve been mentored, taught and coached by some brilliant people and I’ve also learned my own lessons about what works, what doesn’t work and how to make things happen.

My aim is for The Product Academy to provide you with a framework of support that will help you succeed.