learning from experts who have been there and got the t-shirt

Learn from the experts

Gain access to a network of highly experienced and skilled specialists

Expedite the growth of your business through expert guidance and support

Develop and execute the right strategies to succeed

Have confidence in your business strategy and maximise your chances of success

A mentor is someone who has been there and got the t-shirt and is willing to help you learn from their experience and share with you what they learned themselves.
Mentoring can help you realise there are aspects to a situation you’re not aware of or haven’t considered. Mentors share what they did, how they did and what the result was. A mentor can actually have had an unsuccessful outcome in a particular situation and still be a really valuable mentor because of what they learned through the process. Those lessons learned can mean you have a better outcome by doing it slightly differently and prevent you making mistakes that only experiences teaches you not to make.

here at The Product Academy we have different levels of mentors and mentoring available.

Individual mentoring with a specialist

Usually this is through The Product Academy and run for a specified amount of time. Durations and format will either be pre-designed as a programme or a bespoke arrangement agreed between both The Product Academy, the mentor and the client.

Subject mentoring within a wider programme or package

Mentors may contribute to a wider programme or package that incorporates their specialist field. This may take the form of workshops, resources or tools to help cascade their expertise.

Standalone resources

To ensure that those not ready or able to invest in programmes or dedicated coaching and mentoring still have access to valuable insight and information, both coaches and mentors may develop standalone resources on a topic, often together to make it as effective to put into practice as possible.

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